Production Process

We Pride Ourselves On A Meticulously Curated Process That Transforms Your Design Visions Into Wearable Masterpieces. Our Unique Approach Combines Cutting-Edge Technology, Expert Craftsmanship, And A Commitment To Quality. Here’s How We Bring Your Creations To Life:

First Stage 

Journey  of  a  Design

Style Check

Design Review

We Begin By Receiving Your Techpacks Or Reference Photos. Our Experts Meticulously Review The Design, Ensuring Its Viability In Real-World Production. We Collaborate Closely With You To Select Suitable Fabrics And Provide Valuable Insights.

Virtual Tailoring

Pattern & Virtual Sample

Leveraging Our Advanced Technology, We Create A Virtual Sample And Pattern Using Clo3D. This Powerful Tool Allows Us To Bring Your Design To Life Digitally, Providing A Realistic Preview Before The Physical Sample Is Crafted.

Material Curation

Fabric Swatch Selection

Upon Approval Of The Virtual Sample, We Present A Carefully Curated Selection Of Fabric Swatches Tailored To Your Design. This Ensures That The Chosen Materials Perfectly Complement Your Vision.

Tactile Mastery

Physical Sample Crafting

With The Selected Fabric In Hand, We Meticulously Sew The First Physical Sample. This Step Allows You To Experience The Design In Its Tangible Form, Providing An Opportunity For Any Necessary Adjustments.

Sizing and Marking

Once The Physical Sample Is Approved, We Move Forward With Sizing And Marking, Ensuring That Every Piece Is Crafted To Your Precise Specifications.

Second Stage 

Journey  of  Fabrics

Precision Cuts

Cutting Stage

Utilizing Our Automatic Cnc Cutting Machine, We Guarantee Enhanced Accuracy, Reduced Waste, And Optimized Material Utilization. This Technology Ensures Precise Patterns, Minimizes Fabric Wastage, And Leads To Superior-Quality Garments

Artisanal Craft

Expert Sewing and Assembly

Our Talented Seamstresses And Craftsmen Meticulously Sew Together Each Piece, Ensuring Seamless Assembly And Impeccable Craftsmanship.

Finishing Touches

Ironing and Final Inspection

The garments receive professional ironing for a polished finish. A final inspection is conducted to guarantee that every detail aligns with our commitment to excellence.

Ready for Shipping

With our last inspection complete, your garments are carefully prepared for shipping. We take pride in delivering impeccable creations that exceed your expectations.

Quality Assurance

Our Dedicated Team Meticulously Inspects Each Garment To Ensure It Meets Our Stringent Standards. From Precise Stitching To Impeccable Finishing, Every Detail Is Scrutinized. This Commitment To Excellence Is Our Promise To You.

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