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Custom Manufacturing


Discover The Art of Custom Garment Production With Dora Fashion. With Attention to Detail and a Commitment to Quality, Supported by Our High-Tech Equipment , We Transform Fabrics Into Wearable Masterpieces That Exude Elegance and Personality.

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Pattern & Virtual Sampling


Explore the Future of Garment Design with Clo3D. Say Goodbye to Costly Sampling Issues. Our Virtual Prototyping Technology Eliminates the Need For Multiple Physical Samples. Experience Unmatched Accuracy and Efficiency. Elevate Your Designs with Clo3D's Precision and Speed

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Fashion Sourcing


Where Textile Dreams Unfold. From Luxe Crepe to Comfy Organic Cotton And Accessories Sourced From Trusted Partners Worldwide.

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Our Services

Clothing Production

Experience the Future of Garment Production. Our Custom Manufacturing Approach Combines Advanced Technology with Efficient Processes. From Virtual Samples for Rapid Iterations to Global, Ethical Production, We Deliver Impeccable Quality at Scale, Tailored to Your vision.


Pattern Design

Our Skilled Artisans Craft Patterns With Meticulous Care, Ensuring Each Piece Fits Flawlessly. Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology like Clo3D, We Create Virtual Samples for Rapid Iteration. With Expertise and Innovation, We Transform Fabrics into Versatile, Quality Garments. 


Unlock a World of Fabric Possibilities with Our Comprehensive Sourcing Solutions. From Premium Crepe to Organic Cotton, We Curate a Diverse Range of Materials for Your Custom Garment Production. Our Global Network of Trusted Partners Ensures Quality at Every Step of The Process.


Dive into The World of Garment Prototyping, Where Ideas Take Shape and Creativity Knows No Bounds. Our Sampling Process is an Art, Blending Precision and Innovation. From Virtual Prototypes to Tactile Perfection, We Craft the Foundation of Your Custom Creations with Meticulous Care and Boundless Imagination.

Crafting Quality in Quantity

We Believe In Delivering Exceptional Quality, Even In Larger Quantities. Our Minimum Order Quantity For Each Unique Design Is Set At 40 Pieces. This Allows Us To Uphold Our Commitment To Precision And Detail, Ensuring That Every Garment Reflects Our Dedication To Excellence.


Minimum Order Quantity

Your Desires

Our Expertise

From Sophisticated Evening Dresses To Comfortable Casual Wear Including Trousers, Shirts, Jumpsuits And Casual Dresses Every Piece Is Meticulously Created To Reflect Our Clients’ Unique Visions. Our Expertise Lies In Turning Ideas Into Wearable Masterpieces and Setting New Standards In Custom Garment Production.

Casual Wear

Garments Like Casual Dresses, Trousers, Pants, Shirts, And Jumpsuits For Everyday Wear.

Evening & Occasion Wear

Custom Creations For Special Occasions.

Outwear and Suits

 Custom Production Suits and Outwear 

Modest Wear

Modest Fashion, Tailored to Your Unique Vision.

Let’s Discover the Journey of Design

Production Steps

Embark On A Visual Tour Of Our Meticulous Design Process. Witness How Ideas Evolve Into Tangible, High-Quality Garments Through Each Step Of Our Journey.

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