How To Create a TechPack : Fashion Design 101

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29 November 2023

In The Fashion Industry, A Tech Pack Is The Cornerstone Of Successful Garment Production. With Your Custom Template, You’re Empowered To Streamline The Process, Ensuring Precise Communication Between Your Vision And The Manufacturers.

Creating a Comprehensive TechPack: A Step-by-Step Guide

Your Customized TechPack Serves As A Powerful Tool For Precise Communication And Seamless Execution Of Your Fashion Designs. Utilize It Effectively To Articulate Your Vision With Clarity And Accuracy.

1. Incorporate Your Design Blueprint

Utilize Our TechPack Template Here To Provide A Clear, Detailed Representation Of Your Design. Leverage Its Sections For Sketches, Measurements, And Specific Design Elements.

2. Detailed Technical Specifications


Leverage Your Custom Sections To Articulate Intricate Technicalities. Specify Fabric Types, Trims, Closures, Stitching Techniques, And Any Unique Design Aspects In The Provided Spaces.

3. Customized Measurement Points


Utilize Our Template’s Size Chart For Precise Measurements Across Various Sizes. Ensure That Your Template Accommodates Your Specific Measurement Points.

4. Elaborate on Construction Details


If You Have Your Own Construction Details; Leverage Your Template’s Designated Areas To Articulate How Each Component Integrates Into The Final Garment. Describe Construction Specifics, Including Stitching And Assembly Instructions.


5. Color References and Standards

Utilize The Color Reference Sections To Specify Color Standards And References For Accurate Color Matching.



6. Material and Trim Information

Make Use Of Our Template’s Sections To List And Detail All Necessary Materials And Trims, Integrating Supplier Information And Color Specifics.


7. Reference Samples & Logos/Labels

This Section Empowers You To Articulate Expectations Clearly. Utilize It To Include Reference Samples And Inspirations, Guiding Manufacturers With Visual Aids. Specify Logo Or Label Placements Meticulously Within Your Tech-Pack For Accurate Garment Production Alignment.


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